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The Her Behind Herpetology


Who we are

Her●petology brings to you reptile and amphibian education through entertainment in traveling shows throughout St. Lawrence County in NY and upstate NY. We provide interactive and educational experiences, teaching our audiences about specific animals as well as important conservation topics. 

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About "her"

I'm Zowie - your Herpetology educator! I've been keeping and working with reptile and amphibians for almost a decade!

I have always loved animals and grew up visiting many zoos. The reptile and amphibian buildings were always my favorite, so I should have known that I would eventually be led down this path. 

I graduated from Canisius College with a degree in Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation, and a minor in Zoo Biology.  In order to complete this degree and enter the zoo field, I was fortunate to have many amazing internship experiences, where I was able to learn many amazing lessons from various zoo keepers. From learning how the filtration systems in a zoo work, to working with sea lions and river otters, to polar bears, penguins, the resident aquarium fish, and various herps, I got to have so many amazing opportunities that I will cherish forever! I also spent some time volunteering at the local SPCA as their Reptile Enrichment Specialist, which was a very unique and fun experience!

After college, I worked as a zoo educator for an AZA facility, running zoo camps as the head counselor and driving the zoo mobile around NY to teach curious minds everywhere about our variety of species. This really helped solidify my love for reptile education, and the desire to pursue this dream of Her•petology!


I still pursue as much training and education as I can in the field of Herpetology (the study of reptiles and amphibians), because the learning is never done! I have two certifications through the Master Herpetology program run by the Amphibian Foundation in GA and have also completed a snake training course!

Currently I work as a Naturalist and head of animal care at my local nature center. I spend my days target training turtles, cleaning tanks, preparing diets, testing the water quality of our aquariums, and taking care of wild reptiles and amphibians as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator 

Outside of work, I care for my variety of scaly critters and love to educate others about them and why they are so important to our planet! One could say, I'm determined to make reptile mom a career! 

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