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Programs typically run for roughly 45 minutes to an hour and will feature 5-6 various animals, unless stated otherwise. Opportunities to touch and or hold some of the animals will be presented with programs. See program information for details.


Check out booths for a relaxed explore at your our pace experience as opposed to a show. Outdoor events are temperature dependent.

Reptile Booths

Want a leisurely reptile exploration experience at your event? Need an educational table for your visitors? Check out our reptile booths!



Click below for details on school shows and classroom programs and to check out our list of topic specific programs!


Daycares & Preschools

Looking for a program geared towards little ones? We've got you covered!


Libraries, Community Organizations &
Public Events

Click below to find pricing and details for your community reptile experience! 


Birthday Parties

Click below to have Her•petology at your next birthday party! 


Virtual Herp Mobiles

We will update this page as information becomes available.

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